According to the experts, when you have to speak about yourself, it is supposed that you must follow certain guidelines. These guidelines say you have to sell yourself as if you were a unique product that everybody dreams of having.

However, as I am consider myself to be a human being instead of a product, it is probable that these guidelines don’t work for me. Therefore, I will follow my own criteria in speaking about myself.

Who Am I?

My name is Marcos and, besides being a living person with eighty billion cells, I am a storyteller.

A long time ago I thought that the only valid way to tell stories was through writing, but over time I have realized that there are other formats as valid and effective as writing in order to tell stories. Because, after all, I think the most important thing about telling stories is to have something interesting to say.

I have to admit that, when I was a kid, being a storyteller was not on the top ten of my list of future career preferences. Before, I would had preferred to be Captain America,  a mounted bullfighter, Conan “the Barbarian”, a MOSAD agent, a PLO president, a minotaur, a Milli Vanilli singer or a knight of the round table. However, after some epic failures, I finally ended up finding my vocation in a very different place then where I expected.

And what lesson did I learn from this? Well, I learned that John Lennon was right when he said, “that life is what happens while we make other plans”.

As I imagine you have already seen in this portfolio, my creative profile is quite multidisciplinary because I can support you by writing the text of a catalog, designing a roll up or creating the user flow of an application.

Now, it is time to move to the part that my grandmother should have written but, as she left this planet some years ago, I will have to write it myself.

My Gandmother’s Text

I think I have my feet on the ground about half of the time. That means I spend half of my life doing the same things as the rest of humanity: eating, sleeping, brushing my teeth, drinking beer, shopping, scratching my belly, drinking more beer, complaining about how expensive everything is, taking a ton of Bromazepam before trying to make an appointment with the public administration or trying to get rid of a beer hangover.

Fortunately, I have my feet very far from the ground the other half of my life. In this state of semilevitation, I can make the most of my creative side in order to find ingenious solutions for solving some businesses issues.

In addition to being good at intensively exploring my creative side, I consider myself to be a responsible person with high motivation when facing new challenges.  I also have a collaborative mindset as I always try to support my colleagues in stressful work situations.

Regarding to my hobbies, I think they are unusual because I don’t  like to inject collagen in my lips, I don’t post shirtless pictures of myself on social media and I don’t film myself while I drive.

Why Should You Hire Me?

Up until now it is possible that you have had your feet on the ground for too long and you are wishing to spend more time with your feet off the ground because you know that really crucial things always happen when the mind is far away from the earth. So I am sure that if we join forces we can fly higher and create something even bigger than the Cathedral of Palmar de Troya*.

*Palmar de Troya is the name of a village in the south of Spain.  

* This picture was taken by Padre Braulio María.

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